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AJ Plunkett

AJ Plunkett is a freelance writer in the Washington, D.C., area with experience in covering defense and aerospace industries, as well as health care issues.

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LEGO & Science: A Match Made In Space | UrtheCast

There’s just something about the combination of LEGO and space — of fun and science — that sets imaginations running wild. From LEGO men travelling into the stratosphere, to science experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS): by AJ Plunkett These are your LEGOs. These are your LEGOs on Bluetooth.   Now imagine this: NASA engineers and


Canadian APXS Makes Mars Discovery | UrtheCast

by AJ Plunkett   It’s been almost three months since Curiosity landed on Mars. Found any life out there? Not yet. But what the Mars Science Laboratory has found has surprised researchers, including those at the University of Guelph who are in charge of operating one of the roving laboratory’s 10 science instruments — the Canadian-built Alpha


Historic Williamsburg sees interaction as its future | Richmond Times ...

No longer content with a staid homage to history, Colonial Williamsburg is reaching forward and back in time in an effort to increase visitors and revenues.

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Russia & NASA May Team To Lasso An Asteroid | UrtheCast

by AJ Plunkett    Lassoing an asteroid and dragging it back toward the moon — at first blush, the idea sounds a little insane. For a number of reasons. On the heels of the SpaceX Dragon becoming the first commercially launched cargo ship from the U.S., and the amazing success of the Mars Curiosity rover


Space Apps Challenge: The Hackathon Is On | UrtheCast

by AJ Plunkett   Calling all space geeks: The hackathon is on. Bring your dreams, your drink (the caffeinated kind, of course) and your skills to any one of 75 locations in 41 countries around this world – or the whole Blue Marble if you choose to join virtually – to the second annual International

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Space Weather: Why You Need To Know The Forecast | UrtheCast

by AJ Plunkett    Some days, if not most, you probably start the day by checking the weather forecast. Maybe you need to take an umbrella to go shopping. Maybe you want to see what to pack for that critical business trip overseas. Maybe you’re hoping for a massive snowstorm because that school project isn’t


Clinical trials: A legacy of science

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The Daily Press

Special Report: Families Torn Apart - Daily Press

A Defense Department experiment that has saved the federal government more than $100 million has cost Virginia taxpayers at least $1 million and forced dozens of Hampton Roads families to give up

The Daily Press

What goes on at 'The Farm?'